Trigon 67, Graz, 1967


Designing the exhibition pavilion for the biennial art festival Trigon 67 (the manifestation of an early, far-sighted, and liberal cultural policy in Graz) gave Domenig and Huth the opportunity to engage with the realization of a temporary architectural structure. They developed a light-footed, free form of a spatial conception that is itself an exhibit and in which the art displayed reacts specifically to the spatial, sculptural conditions of the architecture, connecting symbiotically. Very much in the zeitgeist, the two architects used light materials such as plastic and steel – the result is an envelope like a thin membrane. The project amounts to a dissolution of the form-function relationship, determined by the utopian moment of the fusion of architecture with social space. At the same time, it represents the beginnings of the dissolution of geometry in the work of Domenig and Huth.


Trigon 67 at the FRAC
The FRAC Centre Val de Loire hosts an extensive collection of originals by Eilfried Huth and Günther Domenig. Unfortunately, they were not made available to us, but you can find further information about the Trigon 67 here: https://​www​.frac​-centre​.fr/_en…
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