T-Center St. Marx, Vienna, 2002–2004


© Photo: Gerhard Maurer, 2022

The T‑Center is one of Günther Domenig’s last major architectural projects and was the prelude to the development of a new district on the site of the old abattoirs of Vienna.

The size of the building in combination with its location at the intersection of several major traffic routes (A23, Schnellbahn, Rennweg, trams) made it a landmark and one of the most high- profile architectural projects to be realised at the turn of the 21st century.

The main idea behind the design was to create a figuration of dynamic folds resulting from the tectonics of the surroundings and to raise it from the ground with a diagonally projecting part of the building. Although perhaps not visible at first glance, this project combines essential and typical aspects of Domenig’s architecture. On the one hand, there is the theme of floating stones and cubes held in balance by invisible forces (a leitmotif at the Steinhaus), and on the other, the motif of the hand (or three fingers) reaching into urban space. The physicality in the effect and motif is obvious.


Margherita Spiluttini: T-Center St. Marx // AZW
One of the few female positions within the Austrian architectural photography scene is Margherita Spiluttini. She portrayed countless projects by architects all over the world – including a number of Domenigs’. In 2005 she portrayed the T‑Center in Vienna/​St. Marx. The huge building complex by Dom…
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Man erwartet aufgrund der Form einen Mehrwert, doch der Mehrwert ist die Form selbst. Was haben die Architekten der letzten Jahre sich bemüht, um zu zeigen, was ein Bürobau alles sein kann, haben Decken aufgebrochen, Gärten angelegt, ganze Wohnzimmerausstattungen in die Büros verpflanzt, sich a…
—Oliver Elser, Kurator und Journalist
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