Humanic Alser Straße, 1978 - 1980


© Photo: Gerhard Maurer, 2022

After the Z‑Sparkasse, Günther Domenig worked for a number of years on the conversion of several branches of the Humanic shoe retail chain. Humanic was early to use the potential of the artistic and architectural avantgarde in their marketing, and the first to do so consistently – their advertisements are legendary. Domenig’s sculptural-constructive understanding of architecture became the key feature of the Graz-based company’s built identity. He realized a branch in Leoben and the Alserstrasse branch in Vienna, which remains completely intact. Here he tested out a radical handling of the historical building fabric and found an answer to the strict tectonics of the existing structures in the use of flowing architectural forms. Domenig himself described his approach as using new architectural elements that are in tension with the existing structure. These are contours that are drawn spatially. They swing over the corner, behind the corner and along the alignments.” A fluid spatial experience is produced through the use of materials that are perceived as hard, such as steel and glass. Domenig formulated another essential aspect of his understanding of architecture for this project: the claim to the complete design of the branches, extending from the building to the display case to the individual constructive element. He developed the Knospe” (bud) display system as a modular presentation system. The bud provides a central node with projecting arms that rotate in different directions and support base discs at their ends. The Stab” (rod) and the Kristall” (crystal) display case are further design elements. While the crystal functions as a free-standing, independent display space, the rod on a display case is a vertical element as a potential advertising support.


Margherita Spiluttini: Humanic Alser Straße // AZW
One of the few female positions within the Austrian architectural photography scene is Margherita Spiluttini. She portrayed countless projects by architects all over the world – including a number of Domenigs’. In 1981 she portrayed the Humanic shoe shop in the Viennese Alser Straße, completed in …
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