Römisch-katholisches Kirchenzentrum und Pfarrkirche Oberwart, 1966–1969


© Photo: Gerhard Maurer, 2022

In continuation and parallel to the construction of the Pädagogische Akademie, Domenig and Huth began build-ding the parish church and church centre in Oberwart in 1965. Between the two buildings is an elevated church square, behind which stands the Church of the Assumption, remodelled in the Baroque style. In addition to the defining material of concrete and the continued strong influence of brutalism, skylights and furnishings made of plastic were now used. The hexagonal floor plan is the key feature of the project. The two architects’ scientific-aesthetic examination of the animal and plant world led to their interest in principles of order and structural networks, which becomes perceptible here and dominant in later projects, developing an organoid effect.


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