Floraskin, 1971

Günther Domenig/​Eilfried Huth gemeinsam mit Haus-Rucker-Co und Christo

© Photo: Eilfried Huth, 2022

Floraskin” is a continuation of Medium Total” aimed at translating it into a concrete architectural project. Using the design of a tourist center in Morocco with hotels, sports and recreational facilities, a honeycomb-like mesh of individual living units emerged that was based on the structural network of the hexagon, very much in the style of the megastructure Neue Wohnform Ragnitz”.


Floraskin at the FRAC
The FRAC Centre Val de Loire hosts an extensive collection of originals by Eilfried Huth and Günther Domenig. Unfortunately, they were not made available to us, but you can find further information about Floraskin here: https://​www​.frac​-centre​.fr/_en…
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